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Clubhouse Members: Weekday Activities & Events


Know what to do after High School!  Learn valuable community, independent living and work skills; Receive 1:1 weekly Personal Development coaching sessions; Participate in continuing education courses to support your development. 

Social STEP Groups: Evening, Weekend & Holiday Events


Become a Member and Join Us! Social Groups is your access to evening, weekend and holiday events. Enjoy events & activities up to 7 days a week, on a schedule that works for you.  

WORK STEP: Join Our Team


Become a Facilitator! Help us to deliver engaging experiences that make lasting memories. Help us to create and deliver interesting activities and events that interest you.  Currently looking for Co-op Students for our Facilitator in Training positions.  

NextStep provides opportunities for community engagement to youth and young adults on the autism spectrum, who are facing social and/or emotional challenges or who are looking for a community to call their own. 

Our goal is to cultivate social connections and support our members to develop skills in a community setting that is supporting and understanding of one’s differences and strengths.


To achieve this goal, we support and foster the development of young adults who are unemployed and give them the skills and experience necessary to enter the workforce, while providing a much needed service for young adults with support needs, that supports their personal development and increases community inclusion.

Our services empower individuals of differing abilities to lead active and rewarding lives in their communities. Our programs are best for youth and young adults 18+ years old, who have support needs for community engagement; who are interested in volunteering and learning new skills; who want to be part of a community; or who are interested in employment opportunities working with others with support needs.

Our programs provide full-time community engagement, support personal development and job skills training, within your Passport funded budget.


NextStep Clubhouse

Our NextStep Clubhouse, located at 1105 College Street, Toronto, Ontario. The NextSTEP Club House is within 10 minutes walking distance from a subway station, library, gym, mall, park, and is surrounded by local restaurants, shops and stores. 

This is a safe space for our members to use at their convenience with a monthly membership; whether they need a break, want to see friendly and familiar faces or take part in an activity or event.  We always have engaging activities happening in and around the clubhouse. Members can join us for activities of choice by registering online.  BOOK HERE NOW!

The neighbourhood also hosts a great selection of recreation and leisure activities, including: art  therapy, music therapy, outdoor skating/basketball, karaoke, billiards and games.



  • Likeminded Community
  • Free Snack Program 
  • Programs available 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, 7 days a week
  • Holiday Programs
  • Wifi / Guest Wifi
  • A/V Equipment
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Lounge
  • Community Kitchen


NextStep Office & Training Location

Our head office and training location is located at 720 Bathurst Street, the Centre for Social Innovation in the Annex community. CSI Annex is a five-story, beautifully restored brick and beam building; packed with innovators. Each of the co-working floors has a unique vibe. You can relax in the lounge with a snack from our locally sourced CSI Cafe.

An amazing atmosphere. Everyone is extremely friendly but at the same time working hard so it keeps you motivated. Its a no-brainer option.” – Itay

Contact Us Now!

NextStep Support Inc.

1105 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1B4, Canada

(647) 807-8911

Support Staffing

Staffing Support Available. Call us, or Email us at


Pick-up & Drop-off locations at Highway 407, Sheppard West & Don Mills Stations to Better Serve you!



  • 29 Dufferin bus at College
  • 506 College streetcar at Dufferin
  • Line 2 subway at Dufferin Station


There is a Green P on College Street in front of the Clubhouse or there is a parking lot at 9 Bonar Place, Toronto, ON M6H 1E4, just west of Dufferin Street and two blocks North of College.