Overnight Respite Weekends

Our Home STEP Respite program supports adults who have a developmental disability, to engage in community involvement and individual choice making with increased confidence and independence, through the support of coaches, mentors and support workers. 

Custom Spaces that Support Growth & Development

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

We believe one of the most effective ways of changing your thoughts, is to change what you see, hear or do; and changing your immediate environment, is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Just think of the changes that can happen to your thoughts, when you turn down the lights and play calming music. By focusing on the environment around you, you naturally think about different things.

At NextSTEP, we are committed to preparing our members for life's transitions.  We realize that many of our members live at home with their parents or loved ones, and have not had the opportunity to prepare for Supported Living or Independence in a structured way. As experts in skills training and development, we understand the benefit of fostering the right environment to stimulate this type of growth and development. So, we have taken the initiative to partner with a variety of businesses to support you in establishing an environment that will support your transition into Supported Living, and Adulthood. 

Our "CLIK" Program (Community Living & Independence Kickstarter), is a joint business initiative that facilitates the design, creation and utilization of functional environments within the home, for the purposes of community living, independence training and personal development.


Community Living & Independence Kickstarter Initiative

A Simple Solution to Complex Problem


Our CLIK Initiative Partners make it easy.  We know you have many things to manage; so we do all of the work for you, so that you don't have to! We coordinate all aspects of the project for a seamless transformation from start to finish. 

Home Consultation for Project and Support Services


We help you to figure out your needs and to develop a plan for you to maximize the use of your new space. We help you determine, what in your environment is currently working for you, what is not, and why not. 

Customizing a Space for You and Your Interests


Personalized to your needs, we offer an array of solutions for customized spaces. You choose the scope of your project, with a wide selection of materials, finishes, accessories and lighting to enhance any space, on time and on budget. 

Beautiful Designs and Functional Spaces


We design and create a space that facilitates your growth and development. It doesn't matter if your space is an attic, basement, bedroom, den, room or garage, we support you with an efficient design that focuses on the way you want to live. 

Increase Your Home's Value, Not Just It's Fuctionality


Well designed environments can increase performance, creativity and effectiveness, as they expand on your experiences. But whether you’re planning to spend decades in your home or hoping to move in the near future, it’s always wise to consider the best home improvements for resale.

Take advantage of Government Grants and Loans


Take advantage of grants, loans and other financing tools offered by local government and the Government of Ontario, with our smart designs that also improve your home's energy efficiency. Lower overall costs, reduce energy bills and get help to manage the high upfront costs, which can be a barrier to taking action.

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Our CLIK Initiative Partners