The Focus of Each STEP Program is Personal Development!

Choice & Control

Communication & Social Skills

Communication & Social Skills


Understand your options; Make your choices;  Follow your plan

Communication & Social Skills

Communication & Social Skills

Communication & Social Skills


Communicate your wants, needs and feelings; Positively engage others


Communication & Social Skills

Self-Advocacy & Self-Help


Understand the expected & the unexpected; Manage negative thoughts and emotions

Self-Advocacy & Self-Help

Self-Advocacy & Self-Help

Self-Advocacy & Self-Help


Know what you need; Clearly communicate your needs; Know your rights


Self-Advocacy & Self-Help

Adaptive Skills


Adaptive Skills

Self-Advocacy & Self-Help

Adaptive Skills


Solve problems in real-time; Learn strategies to keep safe; Learn where to go for help



clubhouse community support... FOR every step of your day!

Camper in Transition: Community STEP

The program utilizes our NextStep Clubhouse, located at 1105 College Street, Toronto, Ontario.  

This is a full year, day program. It is best for youth and young adults 18+ years old,  on the autism spectrum or who are facing social and/or emotional challenges, who have support needs for community engagement and who are interested in volunteering and learning new skills. It is a flexible program that focuses on community inclusion, personal development and teaches the skills necessary for members to have flexible thinking, make their own choices and manage challenging or emergency situations.  

Clubhouse Community STEP Program Benefits

• Use a device to budget

• Plan and organize an outing with friends  

• Use a device to navigate    

• Chat with others about your interests     

• Use a device or debit card for purchases   

• Be able to go with the flow and adapt to change


A Certificate of Accomplishment is required for enrollment into the Community STEP Program. 

Monthly Requirements

  • Toronto Library Card (Required)
  • TTC Support Card (Required)
  • Presto Card (Required)
  • Access2 Entertainment Card (Required)
  • Assessments & Reports (Included)
  • STEP Planning (Included)
  • Smartphone or Tablet with, Talk / Text /Data (Required)

Program Specific Requirements

Gym Membership    $34.00

Training Equipment $20.00

Daily Fee: $ 60.00*

*Unlimited Clubhouse Membership Required

Develop a Adult Lifestyle of Your Choice

Community STEP

Our Community STEP program is a full year program that coincides with the academic calendar. It is best for students who prefer to work on community living and life skills; are not yet independent in the community; need transit training; need to gain life skills for increased independence; need coaching to understand laws and/or social expectations; and need assistance socializing with peers.  Groups are staffed at a 3:1 - 6:1 participant to staff ratio. Activity fees extra.