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Our Talent Show is one of our biggest events of the year! Many of our members do not have an opportunity to go to swanky parties and events, so we put one on for them to share a wonderful experience with family and friends.


Everyone will receive an invitation, dress to impress, and look forward to an entertaining event to share with their buddies.  In addition to dinner and a headlining act, we recruit performing groups and individuals to perform for the event. We welcome friends and the community to share in the experience. 

PERKS: Dinner  • Talent Show • Live Performance • Prizes

WHEN: Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm

ATTENDEES: Members & Non-Members

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Our Best Member's Package: Social STEP 10, with Free Membership & Talent show/Live Performance

Attend 10 Standard Events within the next 12 months, including one Special Event. includes: Free Annual Membership, 9 Standard Activity Fees and one Talent show/Live Performance Ticket. Social Groups give you the opportunity to meet people and experience cultural festivals and attractions. This package is most suitable for individuals who are independent in the community and social environments. Groups are staffed at a 12:1+ participant to staff ratio. Food & travel costs extra. Additional fees apply for individuals with additional support needs. E.g. 1:1-12:1 support needs.

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Discussions About What's After High School!

Young adults, parents and guardians can get to know about our Events, Employment Opportunities & Day Time Programs and have a discussion about Transitions After High School.  


Social Events, Activities & Groups in the GTA Discussion

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

720 Bathurst St., Room 1, 2nd floor.

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Social Events, Activities & Groups in the GTA Discussion

Don't miss an Open Discussion with the Service Director of NextStep Support, Amberley Henry. Young Adults, Parents and Guardians can get to know about Programs, Services and Employment Opportunities with NextStep Support and have a discussion about Transitions into Adults Lifestyles of Choice.

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6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

720 Bathurst St., Room 1, 2nd floor.


Employment Opportunities with NextStep Support Discussion

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

720 Bathurst St., Room 4, 3rd floor

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Employment Opportunities with NextStep Support Discussion

Don't miss an Open Discussion with the Service Director of NextStep Support, Amberley Henry. Young Adults, Parents and Guardians can get to know about Programs, Services and Employment Opportunities with NextStep Support and have a discussion about Transitions into Adults Lifestyles of Choice.

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6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

720 Bathurst St., Room 4, 3rd floor

Social Groups Information, Fees and Booking Calendar

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Learn about Social Events, Activities & Groups in my Community!

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Decide Which Program is Best for You!


Learn about our various programs, services and supports for transitions into the community, the workplace and into supported living.

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I am a Support Worker


Learn about training to be more successful at your job, resources to make your days better and resources for the self-employed.

Support Staff


NextStep Support provides day, evening, weekend, and holiday events, programs & services for young adults with support needs.  We have full-time and part-time fee per service options. 

Our goal is to deliver high quality Social Groups & Events and Community Participation options that are reasonably priced, support our members to get the most out of their communities and provide our members with sources of work skills & employment . Members also learn the skills necessary to reduce support needs, moving from 1:1 towards 3:1, or from 3:1 towards 6:1, staffing support needs; thus enabling our members to get more for their money over time. 

Our Members receive an Annual membership, that provides them with access to all of our Social Groups and Events and a Seasonal Newsletter, that contains great deals, useful information, and additional opportunities for community participation. These activities are coordinated by our members through our Guaranteed Employment Initiative, thus our members or an integral part of the delivery of our Social Programs, Events & Activities. Members can also enroll part-time or full-time, in one of our day time programs, to increase their community engagement. Programs provide opportunities for engagement at local libraries, community and recreation centers, fitness centers, and at a variety of city attractions and places of interest.

Each Day time Program participant helps to create an individualized, client centered STEP, Structured Transition Engagement Plan, to facilitate the delivery of their coordinated services. These support services can include: accommodation supports • behaviour supports • community participation supports • educational supports • employment supports. 

Our services are designed for youth and young Adults 18 years+, with a complexity of needs and circumstances and who may be diagnosed with: ASD/autism, developmental exceptionalities, ADD, FASD, ABI and/or face emotional, behavioural or social challenges.  We deliver our services at a location specific to each individual, whether that be at their home, school, day program, or residential program.

Day time Programs


Our Day-time Programs offer more than a place to go. Our Programs support you to experience activities and events throughout the GTA, and help you find your place in the community. 

Our NextSTEP Club House is within 10 minutes walking distance from a subway station, library, gym, mall, park, and is surrounded by local restaurants, shops and stores. The neighbourhood also hosts a great selection of recreation and leisure activities, including: art therapy, music therapy, outdoor skating/basketball, karaoke, billiards and games.

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Excellent Staff to Support You and Your Needs.


We know it's easier to learn and try new things, when you have an excellent coach, mentor or support. So, we match you with our Excellent Staffing Supports, based on your interests and goals. 

We use your own Person Directed Plan to determine the goals and scope of your support.  We want to support your personal development and learning during your life transitions. 

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We’re very excited to introduce the location of our new office at 720 Bathurst Street, the Centre for Social Innovation in the Annex community. CSI Annex is a five-story, beautifully restored brick and beam building; packed with innovators. Each of the co-working floors has a unique vibe. You can relax in the lounge with a snack from our locally sourced CSI Cafe.

An amazing atmosphere. Everyone is extremely friendly but at the same time working hard so it keeps you motivated. Its a no-brainer option.” – Itay



We want to give you the opportunity to help fund a full day of learning or activity.  This will provide support to one of our members on the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) wait list waiting to received government (passport) funding. 

A donation will cover the cost of an individual for a full day; depending on their support needs. 

The recipient will send you a thank you card to show their gratitude. They might send a photo or two, if he or she isn't too camera shy!

Lets support individuals with their transition into adult lifestyles, by giving them options to expand their worlds.

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NextStep Support has been developing customized Social Groups, Educational programs and community participation programs for over 10 years.  Established in 2008, we provide contract Social Group & Event Services to Private High Schools, Public High Schools & Day Programs in Toronto and the GTA. As a result, we are responsible for the design and development of some of the most popular private education and social group programs in the Greater Toronto Area.  

Understanding the high cost of private education as a barrier to inclusion, the recent changes in autism services and the lack of services after 21, we have ventured to develop a series of comprehensive Transitional Programs and Services that are effective, affordable, and that work within the budget of individuals receiving funding through Developmental Services Ontario and the Ontario Disability Support Program. 

We offer Flexible Part-time and Full-time fee for service options, including: Daytime, Evening, Weekend, Holiday and Overnight programs and services; with short - long term accommodation options arriving soon!  

With a dire need for young adult services across Ontario, we are developing new locations to better serve our community; with goals to grow and expand across Southern Ontario, with you as our trusted partners.

Our services empower individuals of differing abilities to lead active and rewarding lives in their communities. We look at a person's entire day and incorporate all of his or her needs, including Social, Recreation, Leisure, Work & Community Living supports for individuals transitioning from High School through to Adulthood.  


We are expanding across the GTA, with new locations opening soon near you. Mississauga: Fall 2019 Markham: Winter 2020 Durham: Spring 2020

Supported Living Assessment & Training

Prepare for Community Living through our CLIK Initiative


Transform Your Space and Prepare for your future!

We help you to figure out what you need in your environment to prepare for your future. We help you determine, through our CLIK Partners, what in your environment is currently working for you and what is not. We then design and create a space that facilitates your growth and development.

Moreover, it doesn't matter if your space is an attic, basement, bedroom, den, room or garage, we support you with an efficient design that focuses on the way you want to live. So, transform your under-used spaces into beautiful, functional spaces that support your Next STEPs.

More About the CLIk Initiative

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