If your goal is to transition from High School, this program can be for you.

This program operates out of our NextStep Clubhouse, located at 1105 College Street, Toronto, Ontario.  Our NextSTEP Club House is within 10 minutes walking distance from a subway station, library, gym, mall, park, and is surrounded by local restaurants, shops and stores. The neighbourhood also hosts a great selection of recreation and leisure activities, including: art therapy, music therapy, outdoor skating/basketball, karaoke, billiards and games. Students 18 yrs+ who choose this program option, typically enroll part-time in the My 1st STEP Program and part-time in other community programs.

My STEP Program

My STEP is a call to action! It is day program specifically designed for individuals with autism who are transitioning into the community for the first time. It is a structured program that focuses on personal development, community inclusion and teaches the skills necessary for members to be in the community and share spaces. 


  • Community Rules and Expectations 
  • Managing money and reward systems
  • Using Public Transit
  • Using Technology/Lifestyle Apps
  • Going to a Gym, Library, Mall and Places of Interest
  • Learning Pre-work Skills

6 Hour Daily Fee: $ 100.00*

*Unlimited Clubhouse Membership Required

Learn to Live in Your Community

My 1st STEP Programs.

The My 1st STEP program is a full year program that coincides with the academic calendar. It is best for students who are preparing to transition into the community and intend to attend a day program part-time or full-time. Learning Groups are staffed at a 2:1 - 3:1 participant to staff ratio. Activity fees extra. 


Monthly Requirements

Toronto Library Card (Required)

TTC Support Card (Required)

Presto Card (Required)

Access2 Entertainment Card (Required)

Assessments & Reports (Included)

STEP Planning (Included)

Smartphone or Tablet with, Talk / Text /Data (Required)

Program Specific Requirements

Gym Membership    $34.00

Training Equipment $20.00




Words from our Participants and Parents

"You’re teaching has helped me with my daily life routine which includes work life. I’ve learned how to be more confident and also stand up for myself and have a certain  behaviour at work..... also helped me have stronger friendships. 

I would strongly recommend NextSteps because you have made sure whoever you teach reaches their best and shines in their future.”  Hassan – Former Student

“I like Amberley because he is amazing, and he taught me how to take the TTC by myself. I really enjoy the trips we go on. I love them.” Rory - Current Student 

“Through this program, Jonathan’s language, comprehension, anxiety and how he interacts and socializes in public has improved tremendously. I highly recommend other parents who are looking for social outlets for their children to contact NextSteps.” Janet - Parent 

“Amberley has been in our lives for 8 years. He understands my son at times better then me. He can see through the lens of my son and gets the intricate workings of his mind. His Input is exceptional and I so appreciate his upbeat positive attitude & patience. Amberley creates the most detailed, thought out plans for our kids, which cater to their Interests, learning & needs. This past year, Amberley taught my son how to take the TTC independently. He taught him more then one way to get home in case a route was shut down. Taught him what to do if there was no ticket collector in the booth, what to do if someone sits to close to you etc. I feel very fortunate to have had Amberley’s guidance & expertise over these years. He is our angel.” Sarah – Parent