Program Descriptions

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Graduating from High School?


Know what to do after High School. Comprehensive transition program from High School through to Adulthood.

At Home and Need things to Do in Your Daytime?


Live a life of choice with a high standard of living. We incorporate all of your needs, including: Social, Recreation, Leisure, Work & Community Living.

Ready for Employment?


Flexible Part-time employment. Comprehensive Job training and Employment opportunities; Daytime, Evening, Weekend, Holiday and Overnights.

Live Independently... in the Comfort & Safety of your own Home!


The Focus of Each STEP Program is Personal Development!

Choice & Control


Understand your options; Make your choices;  Follow your plan

Communication & Social Skills


Communicate your wants, needs and feelings; Positively engage others



Understand the expected & the unexpected; Manage negative thoughts and emotions

Self-Advocacy & Self-Help


Know what you need; Clearly communicate your needs; Know your rights

Adaptive Skills


Solve problems in real-time; Learn strategies to keep safe; Learn where to go for help

What Sets Us Apart

  • Know what to do after High School. Comprehensive day programs that support transitions from High School through to Adulthood.

  • Live a life of choice with a high standard of living. We incorporate all of your needs through community inclusion, including: Social, Recreation, Leisure, Work & Community Living supports.

  • Flexible Part-time and Full-time fee for service options in Toronto. Daytime, Evening, Weekend, Holiday and Overnight programs and services; with short - long term accommodation options arriving soon!

  • Coming to your Community soon. We are rapidly developing new locations to better serve our community; with goals to grow and expand across Southern Ontario, with you as our trusted partners.

  • Do More with your Limited Funding Dollars for Autism Support! Members learn the skills necessary to reduces their support needs. Move from 1:1 towards 3:1 or from 3:1 towards 6:1 staffing support needs. We design our programs to work with your funding dollars, so that our programs and services remain affordable. 




Words from our Participants and Parents

"You’re teaching has helped me with my daily life routine which includes work life. I’ve learned how to be more confident and also stand up for myself and have a certain  behaviour at work..... also helped me have stronger friendships. 

I would strongly recommend NextSteps because you have made sure whoever you teach reaches their best and shines in their future.”  Hassan – Former Student

“I like Amberley because he is amazing, and he taught me how to take the TTC by myself. I really enjoy the trips we go on. I love them.” Rory - Current Student 

“Through this program, Jonathan’s language, comprehension, anxiety and how he interacts and socializes in public has improved tremendously. I highly recommend other parents who are looking for social outlets for their children to contact NextSteps.” Janet - Parent 

“Amberley has been in our lives for 8 years. He understands my son at times better then me. He can see through the lens of my son and gets the intricate workings of his mind. His Input is exceptional and I so appreciate his upbeat positive attitude & patience. Amberley creates the most detailed, thought out plans for our kids, which cater to their Interests, learning & needs. This past year, Amberley taught my son how to take the TTC independently. He taught him more then one way to get home in case a route was shut down. Taught him what to do if there was no ticket collector in the booth, what to do if someone sits to close to you etc. I feel very fortunate to have had Amberley’s guidance & expertise over these years. He is our angel.” Sarah – Parent