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Secondary School Program Partnerships

Are you a Public or Private High School that would like to help prepare students in a Developmental Disabilities or Mild Intellectual Disables Class for Online Learning and continued success?  


Landlord Partnerships

Are you a Residential or Commercial Property Owner / Manager that would like to help support Adults in your community?  

High School Partnership Programs


Community Foundation Program

This Educational Service is supported through a Private High School partnership. This is a full year program, that is best for youth 13+ years who have autism or special needs in Toronto and are preparing to leave secondary school being granted a Certificate of Accomplishment, having not met the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or the Ontario Secondary School Certificate. The Certificate of Accomplishment may be a useful means of recognizing achievement for students who plan to take certain kinds of further training, or who plan to find employment directly after leaving school. The Community Foundations program is flexible and focuses on personal development, instructing students on the skills necessary to be good community members, to have flexible thinking, make their own choices and to manage challenging situations.

Academic STEP

This program is supported through a Private Vocational College partnership. It is best for participants who are 18 yrs+ and want to work on both continuing education and independent living skills. Course Content helps prepare you with the prerequisite skills needed for entry as a mature student, in accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. 

Depending on abilities, needs and working levels, students may participate in our academic foundation program multiple times or accommodate pace of instruction for particular learning needs. Participants concurrently participate in our Community STEP program to increase independence in the community. 

Through Online Social Groups, participants are supported to socialize with peers and have a sense of community and belonging. Learning groups are staffed at a 5:1 participant to staff ratio. Activity fees extra.

Interested in a Post-Secondary Diploma or Certificate?

Complete the Following Diploma or Certificate Programs with a Vocational College Partner, with work placement and guaranteed employment upon completion. Spaces limited!

  • Food Service Worker Course. Certified Food Service Workers include counter attendants, food preparers, kitchen helpers, food service helpers, and dishwashers.

  • Food Handler Certification. Having this certification can increase the marketability of personal support worker and food service workers. 

  • Accounting, Payroll, and Business Administrator Course. Prerequisite skills for Group Administrator position with NextStep Support.

  • Building Superintendent Certificate Course. Prerequisite skills for Building Maintenance position with NextStep Support. 

  • Personal Support Worker Course. Prerequisite for  companion and personal support work positions with NextStep Support

  • CPR & First Aid. Prerequisite for all Community Facilitator and Group Facilitator positions with NextStep Support, in addition to other prerequisite skills.


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