Facilitator in Training (F. I. T.) Program

Our Facilitator in Training (F. I. T.) Program is specifically designed for individuals who are transitioning to the workforce for the first time. It is a structured program that focuses on personal development and teaches the skills necessary for members to be in the workplace and share spaces. 


  • Job Specific Language Training
  • Job Specific Training
  • Following Workplace Health & Safety Rules and Expectations 
  • Using a Money Systems
  • Using Public Transit
  • Using Technology/Lifestyle App

Program Participation Requirements:

  • Unlimited Clubhouse Membership
  • TTC Support Card (Required if necessary)
  • Presto Card (Required)
  • STEP Planning (Included)
  • Smartphone or Tablet with Talk / Text / 5G Data  (Required and may be supplied on a case by case situation)

Facilitator in Training (F. I. T. ) Program Benefits

  • 300 Hours unpaid, on the job training
  • 3.5 Hours paid employment per week at minimum wage
  • Support your community  
  • Discover your strengths and talents   
  • Develop skills in an area of interest   
  • Train for a job as a Group Facilitator or Event Facilitator
  • Join the team for 6-35 hours per week of work, upon completion of 300 hours of on the job training. 

Prerequisites: Certificate of Accomplishment. Students who have reached the age of eighteen without having met the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or the Ontario Secondary School Certificate are eligible to be granted a Certificate of Accomplishment. The Certificate of Accomplishment  or equivalent is the minimum requirement for the Clubhouse Facilitator in Training Program. 1:1 options are available and individual costs may vary.  

Learn up to 3 Jobs at NextStep

Event Facilitator:

Use a variety of Apps & tools including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, ClassDojo, Choiceworks Calendar, Choicework Schedule, Proloquo2go & Google Apps to plan, organize and schedule Social Groups. 

Group Guide:

Use visual schedules, 3 STEP Announcements, and other transitional supports to help support members safely navigate the community.

Clubhouse Facilitators:
Facilitate activities and groups at a Clubhouse and in the surrounding community.